Q: I am unable to log in. Why is that?
A: Maybe your login is wrong. If you wish to receive your password again, fill in your login (=e-mail address) at ‘forgot my password’.

Q: Why do I have to register?
A: We want to make sure you are a relation of Royal Van Zanten. So we can control illegal usage and help you when you have questions about pictures or about using this database.

Q: What is a lightbox?
A: In a lightbox you can gather the pictures you would like to download. Before actually downloading you can first send the gathered pictures in the lightbox to a colleague or friend to make sure you are downloading the right ones. They will receive an e-mail with a link to only your lightbox.

Q: When I search there are no search results. Why might that be?
A: This can be caused by various things. Perhaps you are not using the correct variety name in the right product group. Check this, re-enter the correct information and click on Search.
Or the picture of the variety has not yet been taken into the database. Bear in mind that only commercial varieties are shown here and no breeding varieties with only numbers as a name.

Q: I have accidentally deleted an image from my lightbox. Can I undo this?
A: No, deletions are irreversible. You will have to find and select the image(s) again.

Q: What can I do with a photograph?
A: If you have downloaded the photograph via our website, you may publish the image without restriction in your own commercial or editorial publications. We do expect and appreciate you to mentioning our copyright (© Royal Van Zanten – 2014) with the pictures or in your colophon.

Q: May other people use my password?
A: They may, but it is linked to your name and you are therefore the person who will be responsible for any illegal usage. If you do not want this, then this other person will have to register first.

Q: What does it cost to register with the Royal Van Zanten picture database?
A: Registration and downloading the pictures is free of charge. But we do expect you to use our pictures accurately.